Secure Your WordPress or Joomla! Website With SSL

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If you have a WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal or other CMS based website that offers any kind of login (Even if it's only for yourself), you should have an SSL certificate. If you don't have one, every time you login your credentials are being transmitted in plain text (IE the text you're reading now) and could be intercepted by anybody listening on the line.


Wha???? If you install any CMS that has an 'admin' interface you need to login to, this feature is insecure by default. When you type your password in and you see ••••••••• you are seeing a masking feature that keeps people over your shoulder from reading your password, but that's as much security as you're getting.

While you think you're credentials are secure, they are most definitely not. If you are offering services to clients that include building a CMS website, you should be educating them on SSL and ensuring they get a certificate.

SSL takes the information you put into the fields and encrypts it before it is sent across the network. Anytime you enter login credentials, or any personal information online, you should check and see that the URL has a lock beside it, similar to the image above. This is showing you that the page is secure, and safe for you to enter personal information. 

You can find awesome deals for SSL certificates all over the web. I get my RapidSSL certificate (Normally $49/yr) from Trustico for only $23/yr. Is it really worth sacrificing your security for such a minimal cost? Is your, and your customers, security worth it? You can wait until you've been hacked to find out, but ask anybody who's been there, the steal is the SSL certificate.

Don't forget, once you have your SSL certificate and it's installed on your webserver, you will have to setup your websit to take advantage of this.

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