Live Playlists On The Fly With Apple Music App

Play Next and Add to Up NextIf you've upgraded to iOS 8.4 you also have the latest version of the Music app with their new Apple Music streaming service. What you may not know, is that they have also added a fantastic new features that will certainly make your listening experience that much better. You can now create a Live Playlist (of sorts) on the fly.

While you're not really making a playlist, you're basically injecting new music into whatever you're listening to on the fly. While any song is currently playing on your device, simply browse to the song you want to play next, tap the the horizontal dots to reveal the menu. 

Once the menu is up, tap Play Next to (obviously) play that song next, or tap Add to Up Next to start a queue of music. Once it's done playing the ones you've added, it will continue on the playlist or random play that you had going before.

I absolutely love this feature and I hope you do to!


Tags: efficiency, music, ios8.4, features

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