Sleep Tight With DND

Do Not Disturb Schedule SettingsThere's nothing worse than just nodding off and having your phone start buzzing or dinging, usually with a notification of very little importance. But there's an easy way to avoid this frustration, let's take a look.

The first thing you need to do is open your Settings. From there you need to locate Do Not Disturb. You can Manually enable DND when you need it (Or you can use the button in the pull up sheet) or better yet, you can setup a schedule. When DND is enabled, a little moon icon will appear in the top info and time bar. I much prefer to use the schedule, from 9 pm to 7 am I don't get any notifications, or vibrations, on my phone. It allows me uninterrupted sleep.

DND Button on Slide up SheetDon't worry though, as a safe guard for emergencies you can also enable Repeated Calls. If somebody calls more than once within 3 minutes, it will bypass the DND feature. If you setup Groups in your contacts, you can also specify a specific Group that will automatically bypass DND as well.

You can also choose to keep the phone silent always or just when the iPhone is locked. Perhaps you just want to read an article in peace, without all the bells and the whistles and the rickita rackita. Either way, DND is one of my favorite features on my phone, and I've found many people don't know about it when I mention it, so I really hope that this helps you out too.



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