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You're a Professional? Your Email Says Otherwise

EMail Inbox When you're in business, regardless of what area of business you are in, presenting yourself as a professional is key. People don't want to give their hard earned money to any crackerjack with a business card. If you want people to take you seriously as a business then you need to stop plastering your business cards and advertisements with Hotmail or Gmail (Or any other free email provider) addresses.


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Secure Your WordPress or Joomla! Website With SSL

SSL Info window in browser

If you have a WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal or other CMS based website that offers any kind of login (Even if it's only for yourself), you should have an SSL certificate. If you don't have one, every time you login your credentials are being transmitted in plain text (IE the text you're reading now) and could be intercepted by anybody listening on the line.


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STOP With The Forced Conversions!

Pinterest FOrced Conversion

I have been seeing this more and more lately, and it's really getting under my skin. I am sick of companies inflating their user numbers by forcing you to sign up for their service. This is done in two ways, either they don't give you the information about what their service/product is until you sign up, or force you to register before you can do anything. I'm going to pick on Pinterest for a minute.


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Google Images Are Not Royalty Free

Google Images Usage RightsI am starting to get a little offended with the utter lack of knowledge about copyright among designers and corporations. The number of times I have had other designers or clients suggest grabbing images from Google Images, or complain about the print quality of images obtained there is just shocking. Let me make this clear. Google Images IS NOT a free-for-all royalty free stock image website. You DO NOT have permission to use most images returned in the search results for any kind of commercial or personal use.


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