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Better UX for CK Editor

CK Editor: Add/Edit Links

The CK Editor is one of the most popular WYSIWYG editors on the market. There are a large majority of 3rd party editors are actually built on the open source CK Editor, and many CMS systems include it as is. However, there is one 'feature' that drives me up the wall when it comes to User Experience. The Target tab in the Insert/Edit Link window.


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VIDEO: Filter Your IP From Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics, your stats are probably being skewed... by YOU! That's right, you, and anybody else in your company that visits your website, are skewing your data. By default Google will track all IP addresses that visit the website, so if company employees are visiting regularly, you will see a lot of different results than you would from just your target audience. Luckily, we can Filter our IP address so that it's not tracked by Google!


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HTML, Head and Body Elements. Foundations Part 3

When we're working in HTML, we need to use a series of elements and tags to add our content. You can think of these like containers where we put not only our content, but other elements and tags as well. While there are lots of different elements and tags available for use, I want to focus on a couple specific ones that create the base for everything else. In this article we will cover the HTML, Head, Title and Body Elements.


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