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Why you never copy and paste from MS Word

Whenever I build a website these days, I generally use the Joomla! Content Management System which comes with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for adding content. The large majority of sites built on a CMS (From Joomla! to SharePoint) have editors like this for easy addition of content by people who have no coding experience.


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Better Browsing with Pinned Tabs

TabsIf you're like me, you tend to work with a lot tabs open in your browser. We rely on so many web apps these day, that this boat is becoming more common among us. This doesn't mean that you're required to have a mess of tabs going, getting in the way of your workflow. If you are running Firefox or Chrome, you have had the ability to pin tabs for some time now, but probably weren't aware of it. Many new features are stumbled upon by accident, unless users spend a lot of time following browser updates.


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User Experience spans far beyond software and apps

When people hear the words UX/User Experience, they tend to think of website and web apps. In reality, user experience is a part of your day to day life with every product you use. If you have ever been frustrated by a coffee maker that was a pain to program, or have an indicator on your dashboard that is hard to see, then you have had a poor 'user experience'.


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Let's Go Phishing

As soon as the internet started picking up steam, criminals found ways to start scamming people (Technologically speaking, as scams are as old as time itself). From the Nigerian Prince to the fake banking emails, email scams have lured millions of people into revealing their personal information. As technology evolved, so have the scams.

One of the biggest things to remember in phishing scams, is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Nobody is going to pay some stranger on the internet to transfer money or hold money for them, this is just basic common sense. The second thing to remember is that no reputable website or company will send emails entitled 'Dear user'.


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