Disable Apple's Wifi Assist in iOS9

Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS9While Apple's new iOS9 has some great new features, one specific feature might not make you so happy when your bill comes in. A new feature called Wi-Fi Assist is enabled by default, which sounds innocent enough until you realize what it actually does. If your WiFi signal isn't strong enough, it will start to use your mobile data.


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Calculate Quickly With Spotlight

Spotlight calculatorI suck at math. I'm not afraid to say it, and I don't care who knows. I excel in many areas but when it comes to mathematics, even the simple stuff, I just don't do well without using a calculator or taking much longer than anybody would care to wait for the answer.

Luckily, there's a few easy ways you can do some quick calculations to help you out. While many will turn to Google, many don't know that a Calculator is even closer.


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