STOP With The Forced Conversions!

Pinterest FOrced Conversion

I have been seeing this more and more lately, and it's really getting under my skin. I am sick of companies inflating their user numbers by forcing you to sign up for their service. This is done in two ways, either they don't give you the information about what their service/product is until you sign up, or force you to register before you can do anything. I'm going to pick on Pinterest for a minute.


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Advertising. Be A Professional

Small homemade ad in back window of car.It always baffles me when I see business owners cutting costs by doing things themselves, especially things that should be done by a professional, like marketing and advertising. I'm tired of hearing the phrase "it's good enough." from people claiming to be professionals themselves. Really? You got into business to be "good enough"? You have no interest in growing your business, your revenue and your visibility within your target markets? Well then, feel free to keep on keeping on, but I'm outta' here.


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Social Customer Service: You're Doing It Wrong

I find it amazing how many large corporations are on social media, and have no idea how to use it effectively. For instance, people have an expectation of quick service on social media, don't make a customer (especially if they are angry) wait days for a response. You also must treat social interactions just like you would treat an email or a phone call, and that's what I want to talk about today. Starbucks is one of the biggest brands in North America, yet their social presence (specifically Twitter) is horrible. Let me explain what happened.


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VIDEO: UX - Support on

If you know me, you've heard me say "It's the little things" more times that you care to admit. If you don't know me... well, it's the little things that matter. This is true of almost everything, especially in customer service and User Experience. Here is a great example of a small UX tweak that would make things a lot easier for customers of


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Better UX for CK Editor

CK Editor: Add/Edit Links

The CK Editor is one of the most popular WYSIWYG editors on the market. There are a large majority of 3rd party editors are actually built on the open source CK Editor, and many CMS systems include it as is. However, there is one 'feature' that drives me up the wall when it comes to User Experience. The Target tab in the Insert/Edit Link window.


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