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Small homemade ad in back window of car.It always baffles me when I see business owners cutting costs by doing things themselves, especially things that should be done by a professional, like marketing and advertising. I'm tired of hearing the phrase "it's good enough." from people claiming to be professionals themselves. Really? You got into business to be "good enough"? You have no interest in growing your business, your revenue and your visibility within your target markets? Well then, feel free to keep on keeping on, but I'm outta' here.

The photo you see here is a great example. This woman had an ad in the back window of her car "advertising" her cleaning business. Do you think this gives her business credibility? Do you think it portrays a level of trust to potential customers? I was also recently in a retail store whose signs were all hand written. It makes me shake my head.

People's subconscious play a big part in their purchasing decisions. Studies have shown that people's trust level is not nearly as high when things don't have a professional look in a business setting. They have the perception of cheap, unprofessional or simply low quality. They may still purchase from you, but is that how you want people to perceive your business?

Resonating with people's subconscious is huge, so take advantage of your abilities. Spend some money and do it right. It takes money to make money. If you don't have enough money for proper advertising perhaps that should be a sign that your business isn't doing well enough... People like being pandered to. They like pretty shiny things thank make them go "OHHHHHHHHHHH", so do yourself a favor and give them what they want.


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