Google Images Are Not Royalty Free

Google Images Usage RightsI am starting to get a little offended with the utter lack of knowledge about copyright among designers and corporations. The number of times I have had other designers or clients suggest grabbing images from Google Images, or complain about the print quality of images obtained there is just shocking. Let me make this clear. Google Images IS NOT a free-for-all royalty free stock image website. You DO NOT have permission to use most images returned in the search results for any kind of commercial or personal use.

Once again for the cheap seats. Google Images is not your free-for-all source of images. It is provided as a resource to help people find images they are looking for (based on an overwhelming need for images of J-Lo), but it remains the job of the person searching to find and obtain the proper usage rights for anything they find there 

That said, Google does provide you a way to search images that you can use via the Advanced Search option. Once in the advanced options, look for the 'Usage Rights' filter near the bottom. You can also read the Usage Rights page for some additional information about this feature and the different options.

The bottom line is that as a graphic designer, or a business owner of any kind, you should know the basics of Copyright, especially since you probably wouldn't want people finding your designs on Google and using them for whatever they wanted, right? So when you're looking for stock photos, Google is probably not your best bet to find what you want, with the permissions you need to make it happen. 


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