Viral: It's Not Something You Can Buy

ViralIt's never more obvious that clients have no idea how things work when they ask for a "viral video" (Or ad, photo, meme, whatever). Here's the reality. No matter how much you want it, or how much money you put into it, YOU DO NOT DECIDE WHAT GOES VIRAL!

Let me say it again, for those in the cheap seats, YOU do NOT get to decide what goes Viral. The users do. If you spend a million dollars on ads and a million people see it, it's not Viral, it's marketing. Viral means that something you've put out into the world has developed legs of it's own and taken off. It's so amazing that people just can't help but share (Or, it could go viral in a bad way too, so be careful).

You have no power over this, it's all with the audience. All you can do is create great content that is worth sharing, whether it's an article, a video or a photo. Content is King!

So the next time you think "We need a viral [insert whatever here]" remember that no matter who you hire, this is not a guarantee, no matter how much you pay. Make sure you have an idea that has the potential to go viral first, and go from there.


Tags: marketing, viral, advertising

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